Specialty Cakes

Halloween Throwback

Back in 2011 I baked my very first vegan cake, using whole wheat pastry flour and applesauce (among other things). It was a hearty cake!! I made the peanut butter frosting using butter however (this was long before I decided to go completely dairy-free). I stumbled on these pics while I was moving photos from my phone to my computer. I had never done molded chocolate before, so that was pretty fun too!

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Golden 30th Birthday

This year was my husband’s 30th birthday, which is also the 30th of the month so it was his GOLDEN birthday. He also has a passion for all things volleyball (among other things). This was the cake I designed and created for him. I was very proud that it was 100% vegan and 100% amazing. Not healthy mind you, but when you are serving 50+ people cake at a party, I don’t think they want my whole wheat flour and coconut sugar.

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