My Life Changer

Today’s post is going to be a little different, instead of writing a post, I recorded one! This six and a half minute video describes one of the most pivotal moments in my life, which shaped me into who I am today… without me even realizing it until VERY recently.

Up until a couple of months ago, this was always just a part of my life, which I didn’t give much thought. Once I stepped back for a different view of myself, I recognized how much this altered my day-to-day view of everyday life.

Do you have a similar moment which really shaped you into who you are?

If you enjoyed this video, please comment and let me know!

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4 Responses to My Life Changer

  1. Marla says:

    Love it! Very heart-felt, thank you for sharing. 🤗 I wish we could all have a little insight into each other’s lives, then the world may be a different place. ❤️

  2. The Silent Assassin says:

    I’ve had “the moment” many a times! As an adult, I’ve seen these moments more often and because I know there will be an end, I (usually) stop and think, I WILL CHANGE starting today! The hard part isn’t starting to change, its sticking with it. And I just haven’t had it stuck yet. And I know those chances to have it stick are dwindling because time doesn’t wait for anyone. It’s all mental for me.

    • Yes, so true! SO much of it is mental and then also balancing that with balance and leading a life that doesn’t feel deprived. I find that difficult sometimes when everything in our society seems to rush against slow and home cooked, driving everywhere. I have found that meditation has been very helpful lately to my mental game. 😊