Naked Running – Summer 2012

I have a gift for making the strangest faces EVER.

This summer the only way I found to beat the heat, was to run topless. I never in a million years would have thought I would have enough courage to do so, especially since I don’t have 6-pack abs; but the AZ heat makes you do crazy things. The difference was so great the first morning I attempted it, that I couldn’t imagine going back! I told myself I was a good example for all women out there who don’t have a perfectly flat belly. I was out there, running shirtless and I wasn’t rail thin – maybe if someone saw me they would think – good for her! I know that is what I would think. I’m sure some people also saw me and thought ‘put some freaking clothes on’. But when it’s 85-90 degrees with 50% humidity, I tend to think I have a GREAT argument for running outside sans top.

I will say the other thing that helped me survive the summer heat, was always freezing my 10 oz. water bottle the night before, with 8 oz. of water. Having ice cold water pour into my core was a life saver. One evening I forgot to freeze my bottle and just went on my run with a bottle of cold water. By mile 3 of 6 I was already feeling it. The last mile I had to convince myself I wasn’t going to pass out or die of heat stroke. It was rough. That’s when I realized JUST HOW MUCH my frozen bottle was helping me. Cool the core, and it cools you from the inside out. The occasional run through a neighborhood or golf course sprinkler also helps for about 5 minutes too. 😉

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