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Fitness Update April 6: Listen to Your Body

Whenever there is a change in the seasons, Mr. Zucchini Runner and I need about 2 weeks to adjust. It happens two times a year down here in AZ — once when we are heading out of winter into spring/summer and allergies strike. And once when we are heading out of the hot, hot summer into the cooler temps of winter. It is important to listen to your body during any similar transition and not just plow through. Plowing through often time leads to burnout, injury or just flat out resenting your workouts.

flowering desert cactus AZ listen to your body

Beautiful blooming cactus stopped me in my tracks on last Thursday’s trail run.

We have both found ourselves sleeping in lately versus waking up with our alarms for morning workouts. It’s important to honor what your body is telling you, and listen to your body; guilt-free. Health is not a sprint, it is an ultra marathon. If it is telling you it would rather workout in the evening, listen and do just that. I guarantee in the long run, it will benefit you far greater than pushing through. Besides, a little change in the routine is also good for your mind and body!

fit fam south mountain hidden valley listen to your body

My beautiful niece took this photo of us, while on our 7 mile hike Tuesday evening. We were enjoying the unique area of Hidden Valley on South Mountain — so many plants! Right before this we heard a SWARM of bees fly overhead!

Speaking of changing things up…

I’m going to change up my fitness post and keep it a little more simple this week. I’m trying to head out the door to squeeze in a trail run this evening still.

Fitness Update | Listen to your Body

Below are the workouts I did over the past week:

REST day

11 miles – listened to 5 different podcasts on this run! Soaked up a bunch of knowledge.

REST; I did shovel some heavy rocks in the backyard though!

3.35 mile hike + trail run with a friend

6.8 trail miles of hiking with Fit Fam on South Mountain — it was awesome.

3.4 miles of sunset trail

Hitting the trails right now! Check out Instagram and Facebook for the latest post!

listen to your body

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Until next week!


Sleep hard.
Get moving.
Trust Your Gut.

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