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Fitness Update March 16th and One Thing You Should Never Do

No recipe post last night, and if you are subscribed to my email list or follow me on social media, you know why. It has been kinda crazy the past couple weeks in our household. As a result, this week’s fitness update is a bit lacking in the fitness department, but I will definitely still share my week, because this is real life. I have some nutrition tips for traveling, and a “don’t ever do this” moment to share.

Below are the workouts I did over the past week:

Moving day for Mr. Zucchini Runner’s mom from Seattle, WA to AZ; so lots of lifting heavy boxes, climbing stairs and walking. I walked 5.6 miles – 3 were probably related to the moving. This is the day the “don’t ever do this” moment occurred, but we’ll get to that soon.

Rest Day – on the road with the moving truck loaded down and her car in tow.

Rest Day #2 – final day on the road with moving truck and car in tow. I had high hopes of starting each morning in the hotels with a little 30 minute workout, but it took all I had to just get out of bed. Moving is hard. Moving is exhausting.

Boom. Another rest day! I was EXHAUSTED. Also had our chiropractic visit this day; much needed.

3 mile trail run, felt amazing.

5 mile road run, with the second half at a quicker pace.

4 mile road run, nice and easy pace + amazing massage from my LMT, Barb

running 4 miles

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Nutrition Talk

Considering I was on the road for 3 of the above 7 days — I think I did pretty well with my food. As you saw with last week’s post, I was able to find a green juice and salad in the LAX airport. Over the years I’ve learned that when traveling, especially stressful traveling, I need to keep my nutrition on point the best I can. Because no matter what I do, it won’t be as good as what I cook at home – in terms of nutritional value.

fresh produce natural grocers boise idaho

I snapped the whole road trip via Snapchat. 🙂 I was a little relieved to say the least when we found a Natural Grocers in Boise, ID.

If I don’t eat well while traveling, there’s a 50% chance I will get sick. So finding a Natural Grocers in Boise, ID was a little slice of heaven for me.

grocery haul natural grocers

The grocery haul for the remainder of our trip to AZ.

It’s not all amazing food, but FAR better than what the gas stations had offered us so far.

Below is a snapshot of yesterday and today’s journal entries for my Be Well Fitness log. I kept on track during the trip, once we got on the road. There wasn’t much else to do but eat and stare at the scenery.

be well fitness log

Fun Fact

In the image below, you can see my resting heart rate (blue) and high/active heart rate (red). You can see a direct connection between sitting and doing nothing all day on the road (circled in yellow) and actually getting back home and working out again, last three dots. So even though I was not working out, my resting heart rate was actually higher. Kind of a no brainer that exercise is directly connected to heart health. Just further proof to keep moving. <3

heart rate daily

Lastly, don’t ever do this.

Don’t ever ever ever stand over a tow dolly as someone is driving a vehicle onto it. Even if you think it is secure, and you’ve checked it 10 times. Don’t put yourself in that position – literally. We learned this the hard way on Friday. It was a dumb move on my part, especially given the fear-laden, “what if…” personality I have.

As I was straddled over the beam, I thought, “I shouldn’t be doing this.” No sooner than 30 seconds later, and that beam unhooked from the tow hitch, due to the weight of the car, and swiftly lifted me up in the air – teeter-totter style, and I fell to the ground screaming in pain and fear.

Not a moment I want to relive or have anyone experience… ever.

The good news is, no broken bones. It hit my inner thigh first, so I have a beautiful purple bruise and a nice little complimentary red scrape. It tore a hole in my FAVORITE pants, but I already repaired them. 🙂 {looks down} I’m actually wearing them now! hahahaha So yeah, DON’T EVER DO THIS. Not a great way to start a 1,400 mile road trip that will take you 27 hours.

Until next week!

Sleep hard.
Get moving.
Trust Your Gut.

Fitness Update

Ok, so I’m going to try something new this week and do TWO posts in one week. I may regret this idea, but we’ll see how it goes. Since readers are split down the middle — between running/fitness posts and recipe posts — I want to appeal to both equally. I’m going to try posting a recipe on Wednesday and a fitness update on Thursday. What do you think??

It’s been about two weeks since my initial fitness update, so I wanted to let you know how the past two weeks have been.

I didn’t follow my plan to a T… and that’s perfectly fine and normal in my book. I have a BASIC plan, so I have something on paper to help move me along. But life happens, and we need to listen to our bodies. For instance, a workout didn’t happen on Thursday the 19th due to a family emergency, and I decided not to run yesterday morning, because I could tell I needed a break. My right hamstring was extra tight and my morning heart rate was elevated (I’ve been taking it every morning since Jan 1st). So instead, I walked on the treadmill for 30 minutes, at my normal workout time. This helps me to stay in my workout routine, still get some blood flowing, yet not overdue it. Keeping the pattern going really helps me to stay on track.

Sunday’s long run was my first 11 miler where I incorporated some planned speed work, which is why I think I’m feeling more tired than normal.

If you can decipher this mess below, you can see what I’ve completed so far of my 12 week workout plan. I cross off and add arrows and make changes where needed. This is not an exact science, I am not a professional athlete, I’m just trying to stay healthy and offset the amount of time I spend sitting in front of my computer, designing. 🙂 Not to mention I enjoy running and sweating out the everyday stresses.

I can’t forget to mention, I got a new Garmin! My Garmin 610 has been dropping satellite reception A LOT lately, so sad to see it go — it served me well for 3.5 years! My new one is the Garmin 235 and it does way more than the 610 ever did; GPS watches have come a loooong way in 3.5 years! In just one little watch, I can get text and phone call alerts, social media alerts (if I want), track my sleep patterns and sleep quality, track my ongoing heart rate, track my heart rate during workouts without a chest strap (which I’m still on the fence about the accuracy – more to come later), track daily steps, sync with My Fitness Pal to see calories in/calories out, syncs with my iPhone calendar so I can see my day at a glance from my wrist, syncs with local weather, and I can ping my iPhone if I lost or misplaced it… just to name the top level things. 🙂 I’ll keep you posted on how it holds up on additional runs and workouts.

Lastly, food tracking has been going well. I still haven’t tracked specific calories, I’ve just been focusing on eating as many plants as possible… and sometimes beer makes its way in there. Beer is a plant, right?

Seriously though. I’m just trying to keep it real. I know that sometimes people think I have this “perfect” (<– what IS that anyway) way of eating and are shocked when they see me eat a treat or drink a beer in person. I don’t post about those things on my blog, because that is not my focus here. Those times are the exception, not the rule. I want to set a good example as well, so posting about it never made sense to me. I’ve realized that sometimes it gives people the wrong impression that I NEVER eat “off track” so to speak. That was never my intention.

Food is not my religion, life is too damn short and our bodies are incredibly resilient if we treat them right the majority of the time.

If you eat healthy 80-90% of the time, you can have a beer here or a cupcake there IF THAT IS WHAT YOU WANT. As you can see below, I have dark chocolate covered almonds to curb sweet cravings and I had a beer when I was out for a night of bar trivia with my parents and Mr. ZR. Writing food down, without tracking numbers (which is exhausting and takes all the fun out of food for me), is a way for me to hold myself accountable. I can look back and see how often I’ve had a single beer or a few chocolate chips and realize, oh hey! Maybe that is too much. LOL Then I can adjust moving forward.

So as a whole, I’m REALLY enjoying this little Be Well Fitness Log I bought. It has definitely helped me to stay on track and not feel stressed about my fitness goals. By next week’s update, I will have completed 30 days on this plan so it will be interesting to see if any of my stats/measurements have changed.