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All the recipes on this site are plant-based recipes (aka vegan), many of which are low gluten or gluten-free. All desserts are always lower in refined sugar or use alternative sweeteners. If you are looking for the Vegan Chili recipe featured on My Family Recipe Rocks, here it is!

If you don’t see something listed here, or if you have questions, feel free to comment below on this page. I’m always looking for new ideas and new challenges in the kitchen! I love helping people on their plant-based journey.

Banana Walnut Pancakes (Gluten-Free)
Blueberry-Banana Oatmeal Pancakes
Granola Goodness
Protein Waffles with Berry Compote
Pumpkin Pear Pecan Pancakes
Runner’s Pancakes
Shakes and Smoothies
Sunday Brunch with Cauliflower Scramble
Sweet Potato and Apple Oatmeal Bake
Tofu Scramble with Soyrizo

Sides, Salads, Sauces and Beverages!
Almond Butter Energy Bites
Almond Coconut Butter
Almond Milk (How to make homemade)
Applesauce (Homemade)
Cabbage and Carrot Salad with Lemon Maple Dressing
Carrot Pineapple Travelcakes
Cashew Cream
Creamy Asparagus Soup
Cinnamon Spiced Latte
French Fries (Homemade, Oven Baked)
Hummus Stuffed Cukes
Kale and Toasted Almond Salad
Quinoa Balls with Lettuce, Apples and Carrots | Drizzled with Balsamic Glaze
Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini
Rainbow Rice
Seed and Veggie Crackers
Sourdough Bread (No Knead, with How-To video)
Spicy Seitan
Summer Pasta Salad

Acorn Squash Stuffed with Chili
Adult Mac and Cheeze
Amazing Lentil and Mushroom Burgers
Butternut Squash & Black Bean Burgers (scroll past the race recap to get to the recipe)
Lentil Balls with Spaghetti Squash
Pad Thai with Peanut Sauce
Potato Protein Bar
Potato Curry Soup
Protein Packed Pizza {Lentil Flour Crust}
Quinoa and Zoodle Dinner
Ratatouille {and My Promise to You}
Spaghetti Dinner with Veggies
Vegan Chili (featured on My Family Recipe Rocks)
Veggie Marinara Casserole
Veggie Medley Soup (a.k.a. Holiday Helper Soup)

Apple-Pear (Broiled) with GF Biscuits
Apple Pie with Cinnamon Swirl Crust
Apple Tart (Gluten-Free)
Banana and Coconut Cream Pie
Best Banana Bread EVER
Cacao Nib Peanut Butter Brookies
Caramel Apple Dessert
Caramel Pumpkin Butter Cups
Carrot Pineapples Cupcakes
Chocolate Banana Bread
Cherry Almond Brownie Bites
Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookies
Chocolate Covered Peanut Butter Granola Balls
Coco-Walnut Power Brownies
Dark Chocolate Walnut Cookies
Date Goji Energy Balls
Fruit and Nut Cakies
Kandy Korn Kupcakes
Lemon Basil Sorbet
Midnight Madness Cookies
Nice Cream Parfaits and Bowls
Peach Muffins with Silken Filling
Peach Yummy
Peanut Butter Muffins
Pumpkin Pie {Vegan and Nut Free}
Raspberry Almond Chia Pudding
Sweet Fruit Drops
Vegan Brownie with Coconut Whipped Cream (As seen on My Family Recipe Rocks!)
Walnut Cherry Banana Cookies
Zucchini Bread

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6 Responses to Recipes

  1. Sam says:

    I like the new recipes page.

  2. Pat says:

    I saw you make a trifle with pudding & raw brownie on my family recipe rocks show, do you have that recipe on this website?

    • I have the recipe for the raw brownie, yes. But the pudding was made by Danae since it contained milk. I think you can find it on My Family Recipe Rocks website or her blog. 🙂

  3. Ivy abante says:

    Thank you for all of these! I wanted to be vegan but worried that i wont last. I actually told my husband and ask him if he want to go vegan but since he is a meat lover, he got annoyed by the idea. I really want us to be healthy but sometimes it’s just so hard especially that my husband is lazy to workout and inconsistent with the food that we eat. I try to cook healthy but sometimes he just wants to eat in a resto or fastfood. But with these recipes you have, it will help me to provide healthy and delicious food for both of us.


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