Fitness Update March 9th

Traveling and sticking to good fitness and nutrition can be rough… (so can getting your blog posts up on time…) So this week’s fitness update will be very different than the previous weeks, which I’m actually excited to share with you. It’s good to see how you can handle variation when your regular routine is nowhere to be seen. And next week’s will be no different. I’m actually writing this while sitting in a hotel in Seattle. Mr. ZR’s Grandma passed away, and we attended her funeral yesterday. Immediately following, we drove over to LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) and flew out to Seattle, WA. Why? Well, Mr. ZR’s mom got a job offer in Phoenix and we are helping her move her belongings from Seattle to Phoenix. We need to go pick up the UHaul in about 30 minutes, so I’m going to keep this week’s update brief! Between last week’s travel to California for a marketing seminar, and this week’s travel. I’m way, way out of my normal routine. I did manage to squeeze 2 miles in Wednesday morning before hitting the road however. Much needed, felt great.

Below are the workouts I did over the past week:

3 treadmill miles in the CA hotel gym with some weights and hip flexor strengthening moves

I managed to run a half mile. haha (I was looking for my lost water bottle! It’s glass and really nice!)

Squeezed in 20 minutes of stair running/climbing in the hotel. Did 16 floors x 3 (can we say SORE CALVES?! It’s now Friday and there are still hints of soreness in them)

6.25 mile run (HEAVEN – back home)

PiYo – Define Upper Body (home)

2 mile trail run at lunchtime, before hitting the road to Cali

Rest day – funeral day in CA – travel to WA day. We did walk a mile from the airport to hotel with big backpacks on. At this point, my tailbone and lower back are so sore from sitting so much. I’m not used to this!

Here is a fun little detour, on Monday I “accidentally” registered for a virtual race!

WHOOPS! I couldn’t pass it up; the medal is SO COOL! I don’t normally care about the medal, but this one just has it all. Check it out! It opens up to hold a photo too! (Thanks to my friend Helly for sharing the medal on her IG. I was HOOKED once I saw it!) I’ve never done a virtual half before, have you? If so, do you run it on the same day as the actual race? Looking for ideas/recommendations here… thanks! We will be traveling to Cali again the day of the race. This time it will be for a nice little vacation, no work.


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Real Talk

Until Wednesday of this week, I was still sticking with my Be Well Fitness Log, but I just realized this morning I haven’t logged anything in it! 🙁 Once I publish this post, I’m going to back log all the days I missed and get back on track. All the craziness is over in terms of travel. Now we just have to drive a small UHaul towing a car back down to AZ. So I’ll have lots of time to read, listen to podcasts, audiobooks, write, etc.

In terms of nutrition, I have really tried to stay on track and eat as many veggies and salads, and avoid sweets as much as possible. But being a vegan who doesn’t like gluten, it is a little rough. Some of you may be surprised to hear I eat French fries when I am short on food choices. They fill me up and give me carbs, sugar and fat. I don’t recommend eating fries on a regular basis, but sometimes I have to do what I can. At LAX yesterday we were able to find a yummy salad, and then I also stumbled on an organic green juice.

Until next week!
Sleep hard.
Get moving.
Trust Your Gut.


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  1. For what it’s worth, I always love all the images you post here. It must be your designer-eye at work. 🙂


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