Summer Pasta Salad

This recipe is perfect if you want something more filling, but not hot or too heavy. I used gluten-free pasta too, which really helps. I find it easier to digest than traditional wheat pasta. Since last week’s post was so long and involved, this week is going to be short and sweet. You just cook the pasta according to the package. After draining, simply rinse with cold water to help it cool and toss in remaining ingredients (see below) in a large bowl. THAT’S IT. Simple.


1 serving size quinoa pasta (or your favorite GF pasta or wheat pasta)
1/2 of an english cucumber, chopped to your liking
1-2 tomato’s on the vine, chopped to your liking
1/2 an avocado, chopped (you get the picture)
4-5 cups mixed greens, chopped
2-3 tbsp. extra virgin olive oil
fresh squeezed lemon juice, from 1 lemon
1-2 cloves fresh garlic, minced
10-15 green or kalamata olives, chopped
salt and pepper to taste

This dish is best if you can let it chill for a few hours before serving and is great for leftovers!


How has your summer been going so far? Are you enjoying the weekly Wednesday posts?

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6 Responses to Summer Pasta Salad

  1. I love simple salads!! Great idea with the quinoa pasta!!!

  2. Teresa Wehr says:

    This looks so yummy! I must try this! Putting these items on my grocery list!

  3. Teresa M Wehr says:

    I just made this salad, but with no garlic or olives (not a fan of those). Tastes yummy even without letting it sit. But I know it’ll be even better later today! Thanks for the recipe Corine!