Hello? Is anyone still listening?

Hi everyone.

{Confession} My name is Corine and I’m a terrible blogger.

But I believe in second chances for others, so I should hold myself to that standard as well.

Photo on 6-13-16 at 3.10 PM #2

This is me, right now, as I’m writing this post.

My office is a mess, and I’ve seen better hygiene days, but this is me.

For a time I kind of lost my blogging voice. I’m not sure why; but I did. (Or maybe I do know why, I just want to spare you all the details.)

I also lost my love for cooking and baking and experimenting in the kitchen.


Recently, I think I’ve found my voice again.

I’ve found my love for creating delicious, nutritious foods in the kitchen again too.

I haven’t decided if I will get into all the details yet, and catch you all up. I feel like (if anyone is even reading this), like I may have left some of you hanging with some of my posts – particularly the heart rate training post.

There were also some reviews I never got around to posting.

The moment blogging became a chore, and not something from my heart, I lost interest.

My blog has never been about making money or getting the most number of followers I can.

My blog is simply an outlet for me to share. Because I have opinions and ideas and if I don’t share them, I feel like exploding.

When blogs FIRST started, that’s all they were. A public diary of sorts. So I’m takin’ it back to 2000.

If you are interested in following along, super. If you don’t care, then that’s cool too. I won’t judge.

Some things you can expect from me moving forward:

  • 1 weekly post – with a GO-LIVE ofย Wednesday
  • more recipes which include sourdough starter, sourdough bread and sourdough pancakes/waffles
  • an easy AND quick raw energy ball recipe
  • how-to videos on some of the above
  • and maybe an explanation post on what I’ve been up to the past few, long, months

How have you all been? Is there anything you want to see from me moving forward? What are your thoughts?ย 

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21 Responses to Hello? Is anyone still listening?

  1. The Silent Assassin says:

    Wait, are you the blogger who did that cleanse? Now that was some good blogging! Give me a minute to do a meaningful comment. I saw the hyperlink about the heart rate training… and wouldn’t you know, because of my heart defect that caught my eye!!! and I was like, YES, I remember I was curious about that even before they discovered my mitral prolapse valve…which made me more curious about the heart! Hold please =)

    • The Silent Assassin says:

      Ok, so I’m curious now…are you still doing HR training? =). I’ve been on it for 2 months now. It is a grind… it is a challenge. It is a process. The majority of my runs have been in Z4 and slow. I know there are quite few factors that go into how fast/slow my heart beats. It doesn’t help that we are in the triple digits now. But, I have a new found respect for my heart. In time I’m hoping to get all my runs in Z3…and if I stick with it, maybe I can get back to runs in the 8 min/mile pace. Right now, that stat, pace, is no longer present on my garmin display. I only track distance, and HR. I’ll take whatever pace and time I get as long as I can finish the miles =). One thing I will tell you that is a PLUS in my HR training – because I know I’m running slower to stay in my zones, I feel like I can run forever. And my hope is, this time around I won’t get injured before my big race.

      • Hi Shane! I’m not really doing HR training anymore — not like I was anyway. I still monitor my HR during workouts but I don’t follow a HR training plan like I did. In a nutshell; HR training didn’t improve my running. I almost think I was running TOO slow to where I didn’t have improvements, instead I backslid. I think I will have to write up a whole post about that however; in some ways I’m still processing it. LOL I can definitely relate to the feeling of being able to run forever. I did enjoy that! Happy to hear you are taking care of that heart, and keeping a close watch on your workouts. That is priority #1 for sure.

  2. Rebecca Noble says:

    I’d like to see a how to on making your homemade snacks. Specifically, the seed crackers you shared with us at the beach. Those were so delish, and handy to have around.

    I’m glad you’re back!

    • Thanks Rebecca! YES! It took me a minute to remember what seed crackers I brought, but I totally remember and that’s a good one! I’ll add it to my list of recipes. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Marisa Merkel says:

    Hello friend. I have a confession. I have really slacked off on my running and exercise and “gasp” I now have a muffin top! So much so I think slept thru your HR training so don’t feel guilty about me. I have restarted my exercise program. I have new meds for my stomach so I can tolerate real food and am looking forward to a new chapter!

    • Marisa! It’s been a while! I have fallen off the running wagon myself, which is ironic given my blog name has “runner” in the title. haha So I can relate, anyway. I’ve been doing P90X3 every day instead, and just run occasionally. I’m happy to hear you have restarted an exercise program, and know how good it feels once you get back into that groove. Keep up the good work. Real food is ALWAYS a plus! Looking forward to hearing about your new chapter as the weeks progress! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Teresa Wehr says:

    I want to read your blogs! And I get it. Sometimes life gets you off track. I’m happy you are back on here & am looking forward to your recipes, ideas, and any words of inspiration and encouragement you can give. In the meantime, allow yourself to be human and react to the ups and downs of life.

  5. While our blogs are on two separate planets (because I don’t work out or eat well – ha), I completely understand. I also used to love to jot down my thoughts and share my creative side, but then I somehow stopped. I’m challenging myself to get back in to it too. Wishing you lots of creative fun energy. Sounds like you’re on a good path to some fun – some of which I may decide to connect with at times.

  6. Sarah Boggan says:

    Welcome back! ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. amy says:

    I have missed seeing your posts as I feel that it is a way I can still feel connected to you. As you know we’ve had speed bumps in connectivity; life, kids get in the way. But know from the bottom of my heart that I have missed you girl. And i always enjoy your company!! Always. Hugs

  8. Christy says:

    Welcome back!! I hope things have been going well. I had noticed less of a Corine presence in the blogosphere and am happy you’re coming back.

    So I was doing the heart rate training last summer and was running so slowly. I did see improvements in my paces over time but even after all was said and done, my pace was still so slow it was hard to keep my form together and I struggled to find the benefits because my legs could hardly race. I hired a PT/coach and after some chatting he put me on an effort based program instead, which I did then see great improvements. I’m not sure if I gave the whole heart rate thing a real solid effort, but it was nice while it lasted. I’m interested to hear your full take on the 80/20 program and how your racing went? I’ve heard people blow their race times out of the water after the 80/20, so I’m not sure why I experienced so differently.

    • Hi Christy! Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚

      It’s really interesting to hear your experience with the HR training. I think our experiences may have been very similar. When I went to race, I didn’t improve at all, I was slower. I really think I was running TOO slow during the HR training to gain anything. It was great to run so frequently without any injury or burnout. But then I think I all of a sudden hit a brick wall and just had to stop altogether. I will definitely write up a whole blog post about it. And maybe HR training isn’t for everyone… even though I totally get the logic behind it.

  9. Hey! Good to see you online again, messy office and all.


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