My Experience with the 3 Day Refresh VLOG

This is my first ever VLOG! I didn’t have internet tonight when I came home to write up this post, but I SO NEEDED to get it DONE… so… here is my verbal review, versus a written review! I hope you enjoy hearing my words, versus reading them. 🙂

So, what do you think? Is the 3 Day Refresh right for you?

I have a 3 week Clean Eating Challenge starting on Aug. 25th, that can be kicked off with the 3-Day Refresh. To be part of the challenge, simply click below to order the Challenge Pack. If you aren’t sure this is the right fit for you, please email me or comment below with questions. I’d be happy to help you find the option that’s right for YOU!



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6 Responses to My Experience with the 3 Day Refresh VLOG

  1. Oh boy…I can’t believe I’m thinking about this. For $140 you get the 3 day refresh plus the 21 day challenge which includes all the shakeolology? I’m a little confused on that. Does the 21 day challenge spell out for you exactly what and when to eat? And more importantly, you think this will fit with my race schedule and race training/nutrition…getting the right carb fueling. After San fran this week, I have my next marathon 8/17 and then on 9/7.

  2. I was looking for more than that coach :). For the 21 day challenge, does it give me for example 5 meals and tell me what I can eat for meal 1. Then meal 2 is shakeolology. ..then it tells me what I can eat for meal 3. So on and so forth? And do you think the contents of the structured meals is sufficient for marathon training?

  3. Yes, that is correct. $140 for the 3 Day Refresh and a month supply of Shakeology, for as long as you would like to keep receiving bags of Shakeology. (The challenge pack will start you on monthly shipments, but you can cancel at any time – totally hassle free.) I absolutely think that cleaning up your nutrition a bit will only help your upcoming races. The 21 day challenge (which is an online private FB group, like the PiYo one) will give you a guide and options, but the only complete breakdown for every single meal, will be the 3 day refresh. This also gives you the opportunity to work with me on your nutrition one-on-one too.

  4. Fantastic Vlog Corine!!!! What a cool & different kind of post to add to your site!!
    I loved doing the 3 Day refresh 2 weeks ago!! I really stuck to the plan and I saw real, measurable results!! I also loved how structured it was!! And I totally kept the box on the kitchen table next to my laptop every day and referred to it often! What a no-brainer system they created lol!
    I loved it so much I’m totally gonna order more kits because this is something I could do to reboot or refresh my system every month or every other month!
    Enjoy your 21 day challenge group!! I’m sure you’ll have lots of healthy, happy participants!!